Photography course: Discover all the secrets of your camera

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In this photography course you will learn how all the settings of your camera work and what all the buttons are for. Then you'll never take blurry photos again and you'll never doubt the settings again. You are really going to learn photographers in practice with this course.

You'll also learn all about the exposure triangle, depth of field, and all about motion dynamics in your photos. Photography becomes really understandable and getting to know your camera well gives you that much more fun in photography.

We will go out with a friendly group and I will teach you everything about your camera step by step. And after each explanation you will practice with a small group. You will do fun assignments and you will learn all the buttons and settings of your camera. Of course I coach you all day long, so that the learning effect is optimal.

Lunch included. 

What you need? Of course your camera and your manual. And if you have a telephoto lens or a wide-angle lens, that is also useful but not necessary.

You will also receive a handout with tips and tricks so that you do not forget everything you learn. 

We are going to do everything right away and try it out so that your camera no longer has any secrets afterwards. 

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