Horses in action in the water

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A horse at speed, full gallop. The sand that blows, the thump of the hooves and the water that splashes.

You hold your camera tight and then you print, shot after shot. What an impressive way to take pictures of horses in action.

To record this action you need a solid foundation and you will get that in this workshop. You learn everything about the settings of your camera, about the light, about the composition. Everything you need to capture the action in a unique way.

Afterwards you can work independently and apply all the techniques needed for horses in action. You learn to take pictures with a fast shutter speed, but also how to get dynamics in your photos with a slower shutter speed. 

A workshop in which you not only get everything out of your camera, but also out of your creativity so that you come home with varied photos and learn techniques that you can always use.

Location: near Wassenaar