LightTubePro Solid Starter Set - Lightpainting Tool

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Nordic starter set for lighttube painting photography

With this light tube Starter Set you have everything to discover the world of light tube paintings.

The Dutch Orange sets your photo artwork on fire. This beautiful warm color is great for flaming effects in your light drawing. A great tool for different effects.

The Arctic White is so bright and so chic that you can put any model in the spotlight and shoot great style photos.

Pretty Pink is not just a color but a cool and stubborn color, which radiates clarity. Do you dare to take on the pink challenge?

Let every photo come to life your way and with your color!

The flashlight fits exactly in the light tubes, is sturdy, rechargeable, waterproof and has a very long burn time.

The black cap ensures that you do not have any light waste at the end of the tube. The white cap gives a beautiful bright edge to your paintings for extra depth and effect.

An ideal starting point for anyone who wants to start with the art of painting with light or also light graffiti.

This set contains:
1 LightTubePro Pretty Pink
1 LightTubePro Dutch Orange
1 LightTubePro Arctic White
1 Folomov flashlight
1 black LightCapPro (cap)
1 white LightCapPro (cap)

Don't forget to order this very handy SPECIAL carrying bag TubeBagPro.