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Photography practice course Outside Flashes at different locations.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love strobes and flashes. And that I'm always looking for that great photo that's flashed and doesn't seem flashed.
That's why I often get the question: "When is the best time to flash?"
If my answer is then "Stop flashing indoors and start flashing outside" then I often get back: "What kind of a weird advice?".
We humans are very conditioned and like to stick to old principles: when it's dark inside, the flash goes on and outside is enough light not to flash.
When I ask if they are happy with their flash photos inside, the answer is invariably: "NO, because that's why I ask you for advice".
"What about your outdoor photos?", "Well, they could also be a lot better if I compare them with your photos!".
I also know exactly what the problems are:
Inside in the dark, the flash should give a lot of light. The light does reach your subject but not the background, so you get white heads and a dark background. Such a typical flashed photo. Therefore, flashing this indoors by default is not a good idea.
And outside you get pictures where the eyes are often dark, there are weird shadows on faces and your subject disappears against the background, doesn't really stand out. 
That is why flashing outside is a very good idea. Just look at the photo below. The left is not flashed and the right is....
And did you know that the color temperature of your flash is the same as the color temperature on a sunny day?
That's not for nothing!! Flashes are designed to be used outdoors on a sunny day. 
In the distant past, however, someone thought that flashing in the sun is very stupid and in the dark very smart. 
And even though we know that we don't get nice pictures with this, we still see this as the truth.
That's why I'm going to help you take better pictures outside. And I also explain how you get better photos with flash. 
We go out with a group to take pictures outside with flash. With your regular reporting flash. We'll get the most out of your flash and take pictures like you've never taken before. And you don't have a flash? No problem, I'll bring flashes so you can participate.
And I'm sure you'll never use your flash the same again.

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