LightTubePro Rainbow Pink - light painting tool - photography

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Light Painting Tool Rainbow Pink

Holistic light tube, beautiful rainbow colors combined with pink. The LightTubePro is the highest quality lighttube with great transparency and very strong, for every way of light painting photography.

Indispensable for your light art photography.

Let the rainbow blaze with this gorgeous pink glow, bursting with color. This holographic tube gives new colors at all different angles.

pink is the color of caring or compassion. It is often associated with femininity. The intensity of the color pink largely determines the feeling it evokes. In a softer form, for example baby pink, it can have a calming effect.

The sturdy plexiglass is durable and very clear, so that all colors come across in full force.

As a light source, the Folomov flashlight necessary

Length: 1 meter
Material: plexiglass
Series: Rainbow

* Example photo taken by student during practical workshop