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LightPainting Tube Pink

Get started with light tube painting, a photography art to great light trails with the tube and a light source. This is also called luminography .

Do you want to paint with light with a stubborn color? Light tube photography with a slower shutter speed gives great effects, especially with this beautiful pink tube.

Pink brings out the beauty of everyone. An enchanting and highly sought after color for everyone.

The uniform color is glossy pink.

The sturdy plexiglass is durable and very clear, so that the pink color comes across in full force.

De color pink is a predominantly feminine color, which is seen as both playful and passionate. This soft shade of red relaxes and soothes and is experienced as calming. The playful associations are energy, cheerful, sweet, youthful.

As a light source, the Folomov flashlight is needed, click here to order these too.

Length: 1 meter
Material: plexiglass
Series: Solid

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