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Studio photography explained step by step in clear language

Shooting in the studio is addictive and the results you can get in the studio are amazing. To unravel all the secrets I have developed this photography course for you.

In this photography workshop you will learn everything about studio photography, about softboxes, flashes and triggers. You will learn everything about applying light patterns and creating a complete studio setup.

We start with 1 flash and the search for the perfect light. Then we expand that to 2 and later even to 3 flashes. But also working with a reflection screen and even the use of your reporting flashes in the set is clearly discussed.

Large parts of the course give you insight into light and light patterns that you can also use with natural light.

After the course you will be able to take high quality studio photos and start your own home studio.

Not just a course but an experience you will never forget.

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