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Wrist strap for your camera

Which strap or carrying strap suits you best?

The best camera wristband for all brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and all other cameras gives all freedom that you need during photography.

The camera wrist strap is a good replacement for the carrying strap or shoulder strap and provides security in the event of accidentally dropping your camera. This proves that comfort doesn't have to suffer from security.

Wide 700 satisfied users.

Every photographer is looking for the best carrying strap with comfort and safety

With the shortcut The wristband can be quickly detached from the camera and clicked back on again. Ideal for working on a tripod. The wristband is adjustable and can be pulled tight around your wrist.

Gives no stretch marks and no sweaty wrists. Adjustable so it fits any wrist.

Prevents neck pain and gives you full freedom of movement.

Do you want to know how the wristband is attached? Click here for the video.

NO shipping costs within Europe!
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NOW: 2 wristbands for only €40. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Material: Neoprene
Colour: black

Click here to see how safe the wristband is with the drop test.

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