Did you know that light has a direction? And how can you use this to your advantage?

Did you know that light has a direction? And how can you use this to your advantage?

Light is essential when taking a photo. Taking a photo is really just catching light on your sensor. No photo without light.

But light has very cool properties. Although it is a strange phenomenon. You cannot see the light itself, you cannot feel it and you cannot smell it. You only notice that the light is there when it hits something like a person or a tree. Then the light bounces back and you can see the object.

An important property of light is its direction. You can determine the direction of the light by 2 things: which part of your subject is the brightest (that's where the light comes from) or where the shadow falls (that's the other side from where the light comes from).

When we are shooting we often take the light for granted. We see a nice background and put our model down and take a picture. But that way you don't really use the light to your advantage. 

The old masters such as Rembrandt used the light to really make their paintings come to life. So you have short light, long light and ... Rembrandt light. 

The Generation Workshop is all about 2 things: how do you get a consistently beautiful light pattern on the front of your models' faces? And how do you ensure that everything becomes a painterly whole in Photoshop?

In the studio I would like to teach you everything about light and show you what light can do for your photo. And you can also use this outside to make your photos much more beautiful.

On July 9th we have another fantastic generation shoot. I would like to teach you how the light pattern works and how you can take great photos. And Letitia tells you all about posing the family and Photoshop.

I would also like to invite you to attend:


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