Who or what do you want to put in the center of the light?

Who or what do you want to put in the center of the light?

During my journey of discovery in the world of photography I came across a special way of photographing: light painting, painting with light. I was fascinated by the special creations I saw.

While developing my workshop in the studio, this way of photography suddenly came back to my mind. 'How?' was my first question. I quickly got to know this way of photography and ordered a number of lighttubes in Canada. All in all, it was a fortune (the shipping costs, in particular, were getting out of hand), but I saw it as an investment in my photography. 

And it caught on. Soon I took some fantastic photos and noticed that there was as much as possible. With the knowledge I gained I set up a super cool workshop. And that caught on. 

But immediately students asked, can I also buy the tubes from you. But the import was far too expensive and the quality of the expensive tubes too mediocre. That is why we started developing the tubes ourselves and in the shop you can see the great LightTubePro, sustainable, developed and produced in the Netherlands and at a good price. But we digress.

Many people think that the tubes are just for some nice light effects, but as you can see we did this great shoot with the tubes for the Mazda dealer. And I also shoot sports portraits because the light gives so much 'speed'. I even developed a workshop with this.

So you see that the lighttubes can do much more than just give a little light effect, you can build your own complete picture story with them.

So the question is: who or what would you like to put in the center of the light?

Let your imagination run wild and tell me what you would like to do with the tubes.

And do you have no experience? Then come and join the workshop on July 27 or August 5! It is a unique experience to take a great photo with a model with the tubes:

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  • hmm Dool

    We have not yet succeeded in the auto light painting and soon we will have the opportunity to do a caveman shoot in a cave near Valkenburg. That would also be cool to do something with light painting

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