What exactly is creativity?

What exactly is creativity?

Creativity is a crazy thing... we all have it deep inside us, but we all have a hard time really getting it out. We must encourage it and do our best so that we amaze ourselves and our environment.

Another tricky trait that we all seem to have is that we never really think of ourselves as creative enough. Until someone else says it, then we sometimes believe it (a little).

The problem is that creativity only really blossoms when we are taken out of our comfort zone, when we do things we are not used to. Then we can't rely on routine but are forced to really think deeply.

Just like Esther when taking this high key photo. She'd never done anything like it before and didn't even know if she liked it. Until a painting, a picture of a photo, appeared on the back of her camera.

Wow, she surprised herself with this. That wow feeling is the most beautiful thing there is....

During the workshop she learned that light is an enormous source of creativity, and that playing with light can make or break a photo. What is the direction of the light? And the intensity? What is the white balance?

But the direction of the light in particular is essential. A tour of the Rijksmuseum, past the old masters makes everything clear. They were known as masters of light. They knew exactly where to let the light come from to create a nice drawing of the light and shadows on the face.

And photography is nothing but painting, it is also important for you. When your subject looks at the window, the front of the face is illuminated. The viewer of your photo has immediate contact with the model.

If your model looks away from the light, the light will fall more on the long cheek and not in the eyes. It becomes a distant photo.

Does the light almost disappear behind the model and is only an edge visible? Then we have a low key portrait. And much more near the axis of the camera and then considerably overexposed? Then we go to the high key portrait.

Did you know that one of the great masters with a leading role in the Rijksmuseum also has its own light pattern: the Rembrandt light. Just search with Google. A world will open up to you.

Here comes a challenge for you: take a portrait near a window that is not directly exposed to harsh sunlight. Make sure the window is 45 degrees next to you and turn your model with his/her face to the window. In high key photo of Naomi (the model here), she would be looking right at the window. Then take a picture.

Now turn your model to the other side facing away from the light and then take another photo. Which do you like better?

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Until Saturday!!

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