Online yet personal coaching? That's impossible?

Online yet personal coaching? That's impossible?

It is always a dilemma: am I going to take practical lessons? Or just online? 

The advantages of practice are that you are personally guided and can practice right away. The disadvantage is that you cannot look back if you have forgotten something. 

Online is handy because you can plan it yourself. But are you motivated enough and disciplined? And what if you have questions or want to practice right away.

These are precisely the issues that I also find important, and I also think that one does not have to exclude the other. The practical lessons in the studio and at outdoor locations are extremely well attended.

But what is also going very well is the Golden Hour Membership, because this is the online study program including personal coaching. How? 

There are actually two parts that solve the above problems.

First up is an online classroom, the community. After each online lesson you go out to carry out the assignments. If you get stuck, have a question or if you have completed your assignment, you can ask the question or hand in the assignment here. And here I help you on your way.

In addition, we always have online zoom sessions in which we discuss the lessons and go deeper into the material. You can ask questions via the video connection and we often take our camera out to see how it works on your camera! So that you can really take steps.

That way you really get to know other members and you get to know each other. We also regularly agree to go out with the camera.

Because photography is the most beautiful passion there is!!

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