Tackling your insecurity in a safe environment

Tackling your insecurity in a safe environment

Safety is no longer so common in this weird world. Many of us experience that too, even online when you innocently share a photo and ask for tips. 

We are then beaten about our 'bad picture' where 'everything is wrong with'. But these so-called experts don't give you any tips that will help you. 

It's the cancel culture. Because of our photo we are being cancelled. Thrown out the door. Bye bye, and never come back...

Your self-confidence gets a huge blow from this, how heartless can people be behind their computer. Do they sometimes want to feel better than you by putting you down?

From day 1 I have said: I will not participate in this! I want a safe environment for everyone. Where constructive tips are welcome and where everyone dares to post any photo. And where you can be proud of your photo. 

You can only really learn in a safe environment. And that's why I have the KickStart Facebook group set up. 

More than 1.800 people like you and me who enjoy photography and who encourage each other and thus give your motivation for our beautiful hobby a boost. 

Yesterday my organization was inspected and I received the status 'Recognised training company' and that has also given me extra motivation to be there for you. 

An important aspect is a safe learning environment and recognition for this is important to me. But this is also important for you.

And to give you an extra motivation, here are some wonderful spring tips:

1. Shoot with a wide-angle lens or your lens at 18 mm close to the ground obliquely so that you get a lot of air in your photo

2. Shoot a nice tree with backlight so that the sun is visible through the branches behind the tree and watch the tree become a great silhouette

3. Go to the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset.. and oh yes, take some beautiful pictures in between. And preferably when there are some clouds because that gives a more beautiful sunset than a tightly clear sky.

And do you also want to join our unique Facebook group? Then press here and ask to join. Then I'll let you in with all my love.

(You have to apply for membership so that not all negative people walk into the group and mess things up)


  • Letitia the crucible

    So recognizable. Because of those groups denouncing photos, I became very insecure and my self-confidence was low. But 2 years ago I started following your courses and your enthusiasm makes me stronger again. You provide opportunities in which I can continue to grow. You are always available. The kickstart group and the golden hour group are so nice, everyone shows their value. And because of this, you feel free to post pictures. You will not be criticized here, but you will get tips and that is so valuable. You are a great coach, a man with a heart of gold. And I continue to develop myself. And we're going for it

  • Cees Block

    Hello Marcello, Congratulations with your certificate from recognized training company. But also…. pity that as a possible participant I have to be on Facebook. I've tried it twice and kept getting off because I don't like it at all.
    Do you also have another platform to be able to benefit from your rich advice?

    I hope for a solution . I'm sure I'm not the only one of those 1.8000 photographers Facebook doesn't really like.


    Cees Block

  • Els

    Congratulations on your status as a recognized training company!

    That's right, I often see that people enthusiastically post photos to certain photo groups and are then immediately kicked out. Very unfortunate, because I don't think anyone was born an accomplished photographer and learning should be fun. It is not because of negative criticism. Tips are of course nice.☺️

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