Fantastic photography with light tubes!

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Fantastic photography with light tubes!

Using light tubes to create real art, painting with light, can be done in so many ways. During the workshop last Saturday, in addition to athletes, we also made a real fantasy photo.

A famous character besides Batman is Harley Quinn. A baseball bat, but not an athlete. The question was of course: how do we get a fantasy picture with this tough lady.

A tube with blue and pink, the gender reveal, was the answer. We started working with the tubes and got amazing results. In normal mode and strobe mode we got so many cool effects, see the link below for more pictures with the tube.

Also important here is the balance, light on the model and light from the tube. We have always looked for the strength of the flash and the strength of the lamp in the tube. Because that balance ensures a photo with real impact. 

Who says the gender reveal tube can only be cute?

Which fantasy character would you like to photograph?

This photo was taken by John Brugman 

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  • Syd

    maleficent. Still haven't managed to use that costume for that

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