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Have your world turned upside down in the wonderful world of the Upside Down museum in Amsterdam. A true photographer's paradise.

The Upside Down museum opens its doors in the evenings especially for you. The evenings are full of adventures.

Together with 2 models I will take you into the museum and I will teach you how you can shoot the most beautiful plates with your SLR camera or your system camera. 

In this MasterClass you will learn about balancing your light, thinking in layers and using your flash to make the most striking records. 

Instead of the standard snapshots taken during the day, we transform the museum at night into our playground for the most enchanting photos.

On the basis of 4 (still secret) cases, we will work with a small group of photographers. This guarantees maximum attention and personal coaching for you. I challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Outside your comfort zone (under good supervision) you get the most out of your camera and yourself.

Book this MasterClass quickly because as the only photographer in the Netherlands I will take you with me and literally turn your world upside down.


- Coffee or tea on arrival
- Entrance for 3 hours 
- Clipboard with technical information

The Upside Down Amsterdam
Europe boulevard 5
1079 PC Amsterdam




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