Pro Workshop Photoshop - Theme: Dreamy and Romantic

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Everyone recognizes it: Photoshop offers endless possibilities to give your photo something extra, but .... it also causes endless problems. 

However, now there is a solution. Patricia takes you into Photoshop with a focused theme. You are going to give your photos a wonderful dreamy and romantic look and a photo that is 'good' you are going to make fantastic.

Patricia's approach is simple and efficient. With your own laptop (or you borrow a laptop from us) you first get started with the photos that Patricia takes with you. Once you've mastered the techniques, you'll be able to apply this look to your own photos.

After the workshop you are independently able to choose which photos this look best suits and how you apply this step by step to these photos. 

This way you give your photos the WOW factor.

Lunch included

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