Action photography in the studio - difference between endurance and flash

Action photography in the studio - difference between endurance and flash

Who doesn't love action and color? What is your challenge in photography.

If your challenge is also in action and color and you really want to make your photos pop off the screen, here are some tips for you.

Because action photography in the studio is very different from action photography outside. The difference lies in light: continuous light versus flash light.

And how the misconceptions about long-term light and flash light can go wrong proved the first episode of The Perfect Picture with the dog catches kibble shoot. Many people used the same settings outside with their dogs and all the photos were blurry. This can't be true. They had no idea what the difference between continuous and strobe light is.

Durable light is light from the sun, but also from lamps that burn continuously. Also called continuous light. 

Flashlight only exists for a fraction of a second and then it's gone.

In the studio we always start with a black photo and we only use flash light and no continuous light. Because the flash is often only around 1/2500 of a second and the rest of the exposure of the photo is black (so nothing happens), the shutter speed is not important in the studio.

This way you can get a razor-sharp action photo even with 1/125 in the studio. You cannot do this outside with long-term lighting.

If you want to experience a spectacular XPlode powder shoot and really learn how it works with freezing the action with flash? 

Then I have a super fun workshop for you here:

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