The great miracle - maternity photography

The great miracle - maternity photography

There is no greater miracle than the birth of new life in a woman's belly. A strong bond develops between mother and child. The 9 months pass quickly but are never forgotten. 

The most rewarding task for us as photographers is to capture this bond, this beautiful time. To make the still hidden life of the child visible. 

The emphasis in maternity photography is always on the shape of the abdomen. With clothing we emphasize the belly, but light is just as important. Because light makes or breaks your photo.

Are we talking about portraits or short and long light, about split light or Rembrandt light, these patterns also play an essential role in a belly. And the operation of the light is almost identical.

Use your imagination and see the lady's navel as the nose. With portraits I always show my students long and short light and then ask which light is the best. And 98% of the students choose short light as the most beautiful on a face.

That is why I often let the light fall on the belly of the pregnant lady from diagonally behind. Short light on the belly, if you could call it that. And now you can play with the flash (more towards the front of the model or more towards the back of the model) to play with the light/shadow ratio. 

This way you get 100% control over the light pattern on the model. Take a number of photos in this way and always move the light 30 cm around the model (so no further away with your light or closer but really rotate around it) and then compare the photos. Involve your model in this and ask what she thinks of it and which look she likes best.

You can of course do the same outside in the sun, with the difference that you rotate your model in relation to the sun. Even then you get similar light patterns. 

Don't just take the light for granted, take control for photos that really show what you want to say.

Do you want to learn everything about this in practice? Then this maternity photography course is for you: